Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies – Hybrid
Olive Alternate Medicine

This hybrid strain was only something that we read about, the legends were just that, legends.. Until now. Olive Alt Meds supplied us with this beautiful strain and we are so happy we got our hands on it. It’s been known to be perfect for pain and insomnia and it is exactly that.

Look: We’re not sure what it is about Cookie strains but we feel they all have a certain similarity. The buds are always tight with short bright orange hairs, the leaves are small and minimal, and they are always covered in crystals. This strain was no different, just a little darker than the cookie strains we’ve tried before.

Smell: The smell is pungent, there’s a sour stench that creeps up the nasal cavity. It’s also a little sweet but the sour just takes over. The sour smell we think has a hint of pine in it as well, that makes it just a little more pungent than the earthiness in one of its parent strains, Girl Scout Cookies. Both creep up your nose steadily but the Animal leaves a stronger impression.

Taste: Like the smell, it’s a bit sour. There is a certain piney, lemony taste that you taste when inhaling the strain. Upon exhalation, you’re left with an earthy taste that reminds you of Girl Scout Cookies. It’s not the most appealing taste but we get past it for its effects.

Effects: As the legend says, this strain has a certain.. ability~ to destroy insomnia and pain symptoms. One hit in and we could instantly feel the insomnia melt away. It was a very surprising feeling considering normally we’d either have to take pharmaceuticals or a much higher dose of cannabis before feeling any insomnia relief. Call it overkill but we went in for a second, it has a ridiculous ability to kill pain as well. With insomnia comes a lot of headaches that are just.. painful. After the second hit, we were left with absolutely no feeling of pain whatsoever. This strain’s legends are all true.

This is an amazing strain. Amazing.

Overall stats for this one : 8.75/10

Look – 9.5/10
Smell – 8.5/10
Taste – 7/10
Effects – 10/10

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