Organic Hindu Kush

Organic Hindu Kush

From Maricare Dispensary—delivery

These guys consistently have quality buds at great prices. This week we grabbed a few strains from them, this was an instant favourite. From opening the package and smelling the sweet intense kush smell and seeing the tight, beautifully trimmed buds, we could only hope it was as good as it made itself seem. It was.

Look:Like we said, as soon as we opened the package, the buds stood right out. We could notice the grower took their time with this bud. It’s trimmed beyond perfection and it’s moisture level is just right. The colour is a dark green with hints of purple and even a bit of black. If we had a better camera, the colours would stand out a lot more. It’s also completely covered in crystals, making it sparkle under light.

Smell: The first thing we smelled was that classic kush smell. Being such an old strain, it’s kind of expected, this is one of the buds that made that smell known. The next thing that hits you is the unbelievable amount of sweetness, like a pack of skittles or starburst. There is also a great earthy smell that hits you more in your taste buds as well.

Taste: The earthy smell that is just barely there is extremely strong in the taste. Once you smoke it you taste something you knew was in the bud right when you started grinding it up. There’s nothing overpowering about it, its just a good clean smoke that hits you deep.

Effects: This is a pure indica strain and the effects are just that. If you’re having any stress, or the headaches that come with stress, this will work for you perfectly. It’s not so strong that you’re left tired or couch locked but there is a sense of relief that comes with every hit. It relaxes you without tiring you out and leaves your body numb to any pain that may be there.

Overall stats for this one : 8.75/10

Look – 10/10

Smell – 8.5/10

Taste – 8/10

Effects – 8.5/10


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