Rice Crispy Squares, Square Off

SAB Rice Crispy Square
GW In house Rice Crispy Square

After trying so many versions of the GW in house squares, we knew we had to snag this little guy. The SAB is labelled as 100mg while the GW has no clear indication of dosage. I don’t think this is a problem as with no lab tests on most edibles, there’s no real way to trust what it says.

Overall the GW blew the SAB out of the water. From the look to the effect of each, GW wins each category.

Look: The chocolate drizzle covers the GW square completely, while the SAB has just a light drizzle on one area of the square. The packaging is a bit nicer on the SAB but in product testing, package plays a very small role.

Smell: They both have a similar smell, GW’s is more pungent, at 100mg in such a tiny square you’d expect a stronger smell. You can tell in both quality buds are used but the SAB is just a little lackluster.

Taste: This is where the GW really starts to take the cake. The taste on the GW is so much sweeter. With the smell being more pungent in the GW, you’d expect that to show in the taste as well, that is not the case. The SAB had an overwhelming cannabis taste that had to be immediately chased by a sweet drink.

Effects: Again, GW wins this one by far. Upon using the GW you can almost feel the strength in it as your body processes it. After less than an hour you feel an intense wave of pain relief… everywhere. You’re also left feeling that euphoria that comes with the best edibles. That was with only half of the square. The SAB, after consuming the entire square, we waited 2 hours before smoking anything. No effects were felt until smoking a bowl of GW’s Kandy Land strain. Normally, this strain puts us to bed maybe an hour after smoking it, with the SAB ingested already, smoking it caused an immediate burn-out. The GW we have always smoked along side eating with no burn-out effects..

Overall stats for the 2:
GW – 9.25/10
SAB – 5.8/10

Look – 9/10
Smell – 8/10
Taste – 10/10
Effects 10/10

Look – 8.5/10
Smell – 7/10
Taste – 5/10
Effects – 3/10


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