Edi N Budz is something we’re trying to put together. With the help of clients, patients, dispensary owners, and LP’s, we would like to get a community review collection going in the #Toronto and #GTA area. We started on Instagram and due to new changes in their format we’re going to double our workload =D. Our lengthier reviews will go here while our images will be uploaded directly to our instagram for short and sweet updates.

We’re Edi and you are all our Budz💚. We would like to give everyone a chance to help each other out. Give us your experiences with new EDIbles, Buds, extracts, and even dispensaries. There are a lot of people that are uneducated in our medicinal cannabis community. Tell us about your experience in registering.. Your favorite buds and edibles.. Even if you have any negative feedback, everyone would appreciate the heads up! Let’s help to educate everyone with common terms and phrases that even the newest patients can understand.

Please send us all your pictures, reviews and, experiences to EdiNBudz@gmail.com. Thank you and I can’t wait to hear from all of you!

PS. if you have any buds or extracts to review please send them the day you buy them so we have a current stock update!