Discount Purple Candy BHO

Discount Purple Candy BHO
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We finally took our time to review this beauty. I guess we were saving it to start 420’s day off properly.

This is an excellent example of concentrates done right. The stability is like a thin sheet of glass, the clarity is nearly 100% transparent. It isn’t the strongest shatter we’ve tried but that’s what puts it in the discount category we assume. It’s definitely not the taste or look of a discount extract..

LOOK: Crystal clear with a deep yellow/light gold complexion. Almost completely see through, the transparency matches that of any top shelf shatter.
SMELL: It’s a faint smell but when you get your nose close it punches it and clears you right up. We’ve never been too good at matching these complex scents to anything recognizable. We try to be as accurate as possible though. We think it’s a bit lemony and a bit diesely. Before we got in to these reviews, we’d just describe this as a kiefy smell. Like the bottom of your screened grinder after a month of collecting.
TASTE: It’s a very clean smoke that matches the smell exactly. It doesn’t hit you with that punch unless you’re packing a glob in your nail but it’s nice to have something that isn’t totally overwhelming every once in a while.
EFFECTS: As it is a discount shatter, it is a bit on the weaker side of effects. Upon taking a regular sized dab, we’re left clear headed and lazy but not so much so that we were couch locked. Taking intense sized globs definitely leave you a bit locked to the couch and minor laughing fits set in. Very good for social anxiety as is clears up those thoughts that keep you from doing anything.
Overall stats for this one : 7.75/10
Look – 10/10
Smell – 7/10
Taste- 6/10
Effects – 8/10

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