Chocolate: Bar Fight

Crystal Kitchen’s Milk Chocolate Bar
Firebar’s Toffee Chocolate Bar

I had some requests for these 2 to be reviewed on their own so I decided to put them head to head with each other. The 2 by word of mouth alone stood to be great products, when I got the chance to try both, I couldn’t hesitate.

Both truly were as good as their word.. The flavour of one chocolate had it’s own qualities that made it great even against non-medicated chocolates. The effects as well were hard to judge as both did so well at actually preserving the medicinal effects. All in all, this was such an evenly matched bar fight. After cleaning their wounds, they probably got each other a beer and called it a night. ‘Til the next fight!

On to today’s fight.

Look: Off the bar stool, the Firebar looks like it came to win. Although it’s very simple, on a what seems like a laser printed piece of paper, there is an elegant wrapper with nutritional values on the back and a beautiful design on the front. The crystal kitchen came in a clear sealed bag with their simple logo(which is nice) and again, nutritional values on the back. The crystal kitchen wrapper just seemed too plain against the Firebar. Maybe a colour version would make it pop a bit more.

Smell: There was a very faint herb smell to both of them that could just barely be noticed as soon as both were opened. The main smell of both was the sweet milk chocolate. The firebar had a bit of a nutty smell to it that was so faint it kind of got lost in the herb I first had smelled. Although there was slight differences in the smell, it’s also because of the slight differences in flavour (pure milk chocolate vs toffee).

Taste: The first bar I tried was the Crystal Kitchen, so from here on I will start with that. This has to be the best edible I have tasted as of yet. When I go for chocolate, I rarely enjoy tainting it with the flavour of anything else. Crystal Kitchens did not taint anything, the flavour of milk chocolate is the first and foremost thing I tasted. The slight herb smell translated in to an almost coffee-like taste that could only be compared to a mocha from Tim’s. This was one bar I had to finish QUICK. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for the Firebar. This is another one of those edibles that are overpowered by the herb. Not much can be tasted in the ways of chocolate or Toffee, just weed.

Feel: The texture of Crystal Kitchen’s bar was no different than the best milk chocolate. I wouldn’t call it on the same level a “fine” milk chocolate but it is great. Comparable to a Hershey, it was soft and almost velvety as it melted when eating it. The only reason I scored the firebar so much lower than the Crystal Kitchen was because of the standard they set for “milkiness”. The Firebar had that chewy feeling I love Toffee to have but it wasn’t enough for the chocolate to be amazing. The chocolate itself of the firebar just didn’t seem to want to melt as easily and smoothly as Crystal’s so it just felt like a lower quality chocolate. Like ones you’d find at, say, Bulk-Barn.

Effects: It’s been a little while since I had an edible over 100mg and these both were a great increase in dosage. For a bit I’ve been struggling to find an edible with GREAT effects without the burnout or dosage under 200mg. These, both, we’re fantastic. In their own ways they both crept up and lasted for a few hours. The Crystal Kitchen took about 45 minutes to kick in and had very strong uplifting, sativa sided effects. For someone with social anxiety(I’d never normally reccomend a sativa to a person with anxiety) these could be great as I felt like every joke I made was the funniest thing in the world. I couldn’t wait to share them… to my dismay, they were not as funny as I had thought. The firebar had a very relaxing sensation that was obviously going to happen with the stated “80%indica 20%sativa” on the label. The effects started at about the same rate, 45-60 minutes and, lasted about the same as Crystal Kitchen’s (about 3 hours).

Overall stats for the 2:

Crystal Kitchens – 9.2/10
Firebars – 9.2/10

Crystal Kitchen:
Look – 7.5/10
Smell – 9/10
Taste – 10/10
Feel – 9.5/10
Effects – 10/10

Look – 10/10
Smell – 9/10
Taste – 9/10
Feel – 8/10
Effects – 10/10

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