BubbaXBanner BHO By Crystal Extractions

Sorry for the delay in reviews the last few weeks. It’s been a busy week with an injury to add to it. With the coming crackdowns, it’s probably only going to get slower. Now is the time that we all need to stand up and tell our mayor John Tory that we need to keep access to our medicine open. Email him at mayor_tory@toronto.ca and tell him why this is important to you. It’s important to me because these dispensaries were my first in to the medicinal community. I’m sure it won’t do much but here’s to hoping for a change for the better.

I’ve been self medicating for years with no real help finding a way to actually be legal. These people have been so welcoming and educational to me that I now actually have access to legal medicine. They actually help to get set up with government approved LP’s, even more so than the money hungry doctors writing the prescriptions…

These are PEOPLE providing a SAFE and easy way to access our medicine, stand up for them!

On to the review. This shatter was provided to us by GW Weed Emporium: Scarborough and made by Crystal Extractions. This is a dark, heavy hitting shatter. The look of it doesn’t do the quality justice. It has a heavy hit but not due to the fact that it’s a BHO, it is just a strong, quality shatter.

Look: Upon seeing the package, I was immediately excited about what could be inside. The anticipation killed me but I also didn’t want to ruin such nice packaging. It’s like opening a mint in box toy from the ’70s.. You just don’t do it. Nevertheless, I did it, I opened the package and to my eyes pleasure, I opened a dark amber shatter. Normally I see the darkness and expect nothing but bad quality but this had a yellow translucent tinge to it. It also had the slightest bit of plant matter in it but at $40/gram I kind of expected it to be even worse in quality. It’s not.

Smell: The smell reminded me exactly of my last batch of Bubba. It was mostly a sweet smell with a bit of earthiness to it. There’s also a bit of that sour, diesely smell to the shatter that most Kushes have. I’ve also read(having never tried) that the Bruce Banner strain has a sweet diesely smell to it, so that could be where this diesel smell comes from.

Feel: I don’t know why this was skipped in the past but I think it should be added in to all of my coming reviews. The texture of the product plays a key role in any review be it an extract, an edible, right down to the flower. It can tell a lot about the product before you even try it.

This shatter has a very nice texture to it, it almost reminded me of a stale airhead candy. Airheads, if you haven’t tried already, are a chewy, hard to pull candy.. When they go stale they’re hard to chew but easy to “pull’n’snap”. Same goes for this shatter, it’s doesn’t quite break like a hard plastic or glass but it can be pulled a bit before snapping. *I do not reccomend eating the shatter like an airhead.

Taste: Like any good quality product, the smell matches the taste to a T. It’s a very sweet taste almost like those Kush Kitchen’s Grape Hard Candies from our last review. There’s also a bit of a sour, diesely after taste that creeps up on the exhale. I think it’s for that reason, the heaviness doesn’t hit you until then. When you inhale it, the taste and feel is very smooth, upon exhalation, you’re left with a very heavy feeling that intensifies with the lingering diesel taste.

Effects: This is about as heavy as an indica gets. I’ve found the first thing I feel right off the bat is a sense of relaxation and stress relief. That feeling only intensifies over time and leaves you in an almost dreamy state of mind. Not long after that wore off, I was left ready to sleep but not necessarily burnt out. It’s just enough to get rid of the insomnia at night but if I smoke it during the day, I can still function. An all around great shatter.

Overall stats for this one: 8.5/10

Look – 7.5/10
Smell – 8.5/10
Feel – 8/10
Taste – 9/10
Effects – 9.5/10

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