Cannabis Candies – Close Combat

Here we go with another cannabis edible showdown. Today we have Kush Kitchen vs MOTA. These 2 are becoming big, well known names within the community. This is just a teaser of what they have in stores for all the patients out there. My favourites.

Kush Kitchen’s Grape Hard Candies
MOTA’s Dweebs

These candies are probably the best medicinal edibles that we have come across as of yet. There is nearly no cannabis taste to speak of and the effects for such low dose edibles are amazing. Judging these 2 was a hard thing to do as they are both great products to try.

Overall this was a fairly even scored battle as they both shine in their own ways. Kush Kitchen’s just had something about it that made the score just a hair higher than MOTA’S. They may have to face off once again with new products.

Look: Looking at these 2 out of the package, you wouldn’t be able to tell that these are medicated whatsoever. The Dweebs resemble Nerds right down to the size and shape. The colours are exactly the same as Nerds and the only thing that would give it away is the bag it comes with labelled as 50mg. The hard candies have a homemade look and feel to them that reminds me of a broken jolly rancher stick. Unfortunately the hard candies do not have any indication of dose so we have assumed each piece is 10-25mg as they do pack a light punch.

Smell: Other than the fruity, sugary aroma that comes with candy, there is almost no smell to speak of. In most edibles we try there is a strong smell of cannabis and depending on the quality used it’s either more or less potent. These 2 do not have that overwhelming indication of cannabis use. If you stick your nose in the bags, you’ll be able to notice it barely, but that’s about it.

Taste: Here we start to have the separation in scores but really they play off each other very well in the effects category. The MOTA Dweebs have almost a sour taste to them, if you’ve ever had Nerds, you’ll know what I’m talking about. There is practically no difference in the medicated and non medicated versions. The only thing I could say is, when I had a mouthful of Dweebs, I noticed a herby aftertaste.

The Kush Kitchen hard candies has a completely different flavour than the Dweebs but not unpleasant at all. There is a strong grape flavour with a stronger cannabis aftertaste. I’ve noticed the more you let these sit, the more cannabis flavour comes out, so chewing them is the best for the flavour.

Effects: Like I said in the flavour category, the 2 scores play off each other very well.

The Dweebs have a light effect that is comparable to after effects of a good strain. When taking edibles, normally effects are felt well in to the night and sometimes in to the next morning, obviously depending on the dose. These almost feel like they skip that process and leave me with the next morning effects immediately after effects set in. It’s not terribly strong as it is only 50mg but I feel taking these too early in the night leave you couch locked or ready for bed way too early. On insomnia ridden nights where the strongest strains don’t work, this is definitely a friend, however.

The hard candies from Kush Kitchen are a lot stronger in my opinion. Just taking a small piece leave me with a refreshed feeling coupled with a confusion almost, wondering, “where is this coming from?. Oh yeah, that grape candy I had 30 minutes ago… I definitely want another!” Taking more only intensified this feeling until I was in bed questioning whether or not I was tired enough to actually be there. I was. I felt a great nights sleep, after a great night of relaxed, confused, euphoria.

Overall stats for these 2:
Kush Kitchen – 9.1/10
MOTA – 9/10

Kush Kitchen:
Look – 8.5/10
Smell – 9.5/10
Taste – 8.5/10
Effects – 10/10

Look – 9/10
Smell – 9.5/10
Taste – 9/10
Effects – 8.5/10

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