White Kush, as white as it sounds.


White Kush
From Maricare

Hey! After a short break(not by choice) I’m back with another review!

This strain comes from Maricare Dispensary and Delivery. With the changing weather these past few weeks, even with the strongest strains I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping… White Kush is the savior.

This is the perfect strain for insomnia and pain relief. Immediately after smoking the first hit, all the back pain and tension that came with tossing and turning for 4 nights straight was alleviated. Almost like taking an unusually strong, targeted pain reliever, back pain melted beyond compare to any pharmaceutical drug. After the second go at this, you’re left either couch locked or ready for bed, something I look forward to this evening.

Out of the jar, this is such a beautiful strain to look at and smell. This is definitely a strain we will be coming back to in the future.

Look: Like I said before, this is a beautiful strain to look at. The buds are extremely tight and are caked in crystals. The colour is a bright to almost lime green and has bright orange hairs running through all of the buds evenly. This is another strain that the leaves do not have to be trimmed entirely as they too are covered in crystals, making them have an almost white hue to them.

Smell: All kushes to me have a very similar smell to them with their own undertones that make them their unique. This one is no different, it has that punch in the face kush smell that every kush is known to have… It also has an underlying sweet, almost fruity smell to it. While yes, I have smelled this before, there was also an earth, almost dirt-like smell to it that makes this one unique. Sweet and dirty? Never have I smelt a better kush combination.

Taste: The taste is definitely not dirty at all, nor earthy. There is an intensely strong sweet taste, almost like a grape soda. It’s taste first huts you in the taste buds but it also follows down as you inhale, it’s a weird thing almost like an after-taste before hand. The after-taste is that classic kush taste that comes with most kush strains.

Effects: Even as we write this, I’m struggling to keep our eyes open at 4:30pm. Focus is becoming harder and harder as I struggle to gain the strength to even move my thumbs. Any pain that I was having before this strain is long forgotten and sleep is imminent. This is a night time only strain and is PERFECT for it.

Overall stats for this one: 9.6/10

Look – 9/10
Smell – 10/10
Taste – 9.5/10
Effects – 10/10

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