Purple Candy, a BHO and Bud Comparison

Purple Candy from
Purple Candy BHO from http://www.worldwidecannabistore.com

We did our review of the Purple Candy BHO from WWCS already so this post’s scores will be geared towards the bud from GW. The review in general will cover how the 2 compare with each other. The BHO was from the discount shelf while the buds were on the mid-top shelf price range. The 2 were actually close in scores in a lot of categories however the buds took the higher score due to not being a discount strain.

This is not to say a discount extract or strain can’t beat a top shelf one, but these 2 know their prices and have them reflect that in the strength and quality of everything they have.

Look: The look is obviously incomparable as they are 2 completely different products. The look of the bud however is a very dark strain. It’s almost a deep forest green that’s covered in crystals. The crystals make it seem a lot brighter than it actually is. There is also next to no orange hairs, as they are spaced very far apart and, what hairs are there are covered in crystals as well. The only problem we saw, there was a few too many long leaves left on the bud.

Smell: The smell of the 2 were almost identical. For a shatter you’d expect the smell to be a bit more potent than the bud but being a discount shatter they were almost exactly the same. There’s a strong diesel smell followed by a hint of lemon that took us right back to that G of Purple Candy BHO. Identical other than intensity.

Taste: Again, the taste of the 2 were almost identical. The only difference we found that was even with smaller hits, the buds packed more of a punch than the BHO. The taste is like the smell, a bit of diesel followed by a sour taste we can only match to lemon. Oddly enough, the buds packed a much stronger hit than the BHO. The BHO maintained a much cleaner taste in the end.

Effects: This bud was as good for social anxiety as the BHO. Clears thoughts and leaves you just good enough to be productive still. Obviously though, overindulgence will leave you lazy and ready to go to bed or just sit back and watch TV. A sense of calm and euphoria is also felt a little while after smoking. It’s a perfect day time indica if smoked responsibly, overindulge and you’ll find its perfect for bed time.

Overall stats for the 2:

Purple Candy BHO : 7.75/10

Look – 10/10
Smell – 7/10
Taste – 6/10
Effects – 8/10

Purple Candy Buds: 8.3/10

Look – 8/10
Smell – 8.5/10
Taste – 8/10
Effects – 9/10

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