The Dank Squad 100mg Cereal Bar

The Dank Squad 100mg Cereal Bar
Made by @danksquad6ix
Purchased from GW Weed Emporium, follow @shecultivates

In the morning, this bar is the perfect thing to start your days. There isn’t too much to say about this bar, it’s like a bowl of medicated lucky charms. For nights where insomnia keeps us awake, these guys keep us awake in the morning.

Look: You can see the type of cereal used with a green tinge that makes it look a little ghoulish. Reminds us of something to eat during the Halloween time of year. Scaaaary doOOOooobie snaaaaacks. Looks great though, it’s obviously solvent less.

Smell: The herb smell isn’t too strong in these, at 100mg it’s clear why. There is definitely a distinct herb smell where you can tell quality products were used but there’s also overpowering sweet scent.

Taste: Like we said earlier, like a bowl of medicated lucky charms. The marshmallow that makes it a bar is like the sweet cereal milk and that green tinge makes you taste the herb just a little bit. The herb and sweet go very well together in this bar as when we were finished eating it we were left wanting more just to snack on.

Effects: This bar feels definitely more on the sativa side. We ate this on a day off and had one of the most productive days of the month. We personally would buy it again just for those insomnia ridden nights. With no burnout effects, it’s perfect for anytime of the day. At 100mg we don’t think you can go too overboard either.

Overall stats for this one: 8.75/10
Look – 10/10
Taste – 9/10
Smell – 9/10
Effects – 7/10

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