Bosstalgia Chemo Honeycomb

Bosstalgia Chemo Honeycomb

This product is like none we have ever tried. Consistency in every batch, new closed loop techniques, these guys know what they are doing.

If we had a bit better of a camera you’d be able to see, this packaging is amazing. The “cookie” comes in a little tin with an extremely detailed label on top. The THC content is at whopping 91.89% with 0.77% CBD and 0.5(?)% CBN.

Look: After getting past the packaging, we opened her up, and to our surprise, a wee baby cookie! In the Instagram posts they seem a lot bigger than they are, and at 1g a piece, we were  left wondering HOW ARE THEY SO BIG?! Good cameras and good angles make all the difference when taking close ups of these cookies. There is a light beige colour that you see in every single post they make of the product. It looks EXACTLY how it looks in their pictures, other than that size difference =P.

Smell: Upon opening the tin we were overwhelmingly hit with the smell of the cookie, it was intimidating. After getting our noses used to it, we knew what we were getting in to, something delicious.

Taste: The tin says it all, like those blue candy canes. With that on the tin, we went in specifically looking for that taste and it was found but just faintly upon exhaling. The main flavor we get would be that kiefy crystally taste with a blue candy cane after taste.

Effects: Like running in to a brick wall head first at top speed. Do NOT over medicate with these cookies. Our first dab was just a dusting, like the amount of salt you get in a BK package, we couldn’t take any more hits for a good 5 minutes to recover. After our recovery we went in for one more and were hit with that “sedative” and “heavy” effect. Couch lock sets in quick and you’re left in almost a dreamy state where everything is peachy.

Overall stats for this one: 10/10

Look – 10/10

Smell – 10/10

Taste – 10/10

Effects – 10/10


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